Professional Grade Automotive Paint Fine Masking

masking tape for auto painting process

The Perfect Automotive Painting Companion - DCA Masking Tape Manufactuer

  • High Performance
  • Fine Line Masking
  • Residue Free After Tearing
  • High Heat Resistant
  • Flexible Soft For Curves
  • Factory Direct Cost
  • Quick Production
  • Free Samples
  • ISO, SGS certificates
  • 3M-Equivalent
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Crepe Paper Carrier and Rubber Adhesive
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  • Popular Colors Options: White / Blue / Black / Yellow / Green etc. suiting for different markets.
  • High Performance Analogue to 3M244 / 3M2214 / 3M 06654 
  • Different Adhesion and high temp masking for various industries
  • Precious line masking and heat resistant special for Auto painting
  • Main Market:USA / Canada / Europ
  • Automotive Painting / DIY art projects / Home Decor etc.
  • Fast production cycle and Factory Price

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Soft PVC film carrier and Rubber Adhesive
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PVC Masking Tape

  • Equivalent 3M 4737 / TESA 4174 / TESA 4244
  • High temp resistance up to 180°C
  • Flexible Soft to conform on any curved auto body
  • Fine Line thinnest width to 2mm
  • Blue / Light Blue / Yellow colors for choosing 
  • Best choice for sharp, precise paint lines for complex automotive body 

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Hard band edge and PVC film carrier
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Trim Masking Tape

  • High Flexible and Conformable Equivalent 3M 06349
  • Perforated and Non-perforated Options
  • Best choice for Clean and Sharp Paint Lines on Auto Window
  • Cost-effective for painting process without removing
  • Customized according to your requests

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Polyester (PET) and Polyimide (PI) carriers
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Powder Coating & Plating Masking Tape

  • High temperature resistance up to 200-260℃
  • Best Choice for Sandblasting and powder coating masking
  • Excellent Performance for Electrical insulation
  • Application for Lithium battery termination, keeping safety and enviroment
  • Easy die-cutting to any shapes for Electronics 

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DCA - Professional Masking Tape Manufacturer

“INDUSTRIAL TAPE manufacturer providing masking solutions for the automotive painting process” 

From DIY to the professional Auto painting, our Automotive Masking Tape is ideal” 

Superior Automotive Grade Adhesion

  1. Engineered for bonding to auto paints and metals
  2. High heat and chemical resistance


Precision Paint Lines Guaranteed

  1. Innovative die cutting for clean demarcations
  2. Flexible thin tapes prevent spray bleed

Free Samples & Quick Turn Production

  1. In-house engineering to specifications
  2. Responsive supply of custom trial tapes


Global Automaker Approved & Trusted

  1. Get professional Tape solutions in 2 hours
  2. Complete quality control testing
  3. ISO 9001 and SGS certified manufacturing