DCA Tape Laser & Kiss Cutting
More Die-Cutting technoloty to work out widely used Adhesive Tapes

Laser Die-Cutting

Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting process that uses a focused laser beam to cut through materials with precision. The laser beam generates intense heat, which melts, vaporizes, or burns away the material, leaving a clean and accurate cut. It is a versatile cutting method that can handle various materials, from thin foils to thicker boards.



Laser cutting finds application in industries such as manufacturing, electronics, automotive, aerospace, signage, and crafts. It is particularly useful for intricate and detailed designs, as it provides high precision and can create complex shapes and patterns without the need for physical dies.

Laser die-cutting tapes
kiss cutting tapes used as printed sticker label

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is a variation of die cutting that involves cutting through only the top layer of a material while leaving the backing or liner intact. The cutting depth is set to avoid cutting through the backing, resulting in a product where the individual items remain on a carrier sheet until they are peeled off for use. This process is commonly used for self-adhesive materials like stickers and labels.



Kiss cutting is popular for producing stickers, decals, labels, and adhesive-backed products. It allows for easy dispensing and application of the products without the need for manual handling of each piece.

Laser Die-Cutting Advantages

High Precision & Efficiency

It achieves very fine cutting with smooth, burr-free cutting edges and no need for subsequent processing. The fast cutting speed and high productivity reduces labor and time costs.


Since the laser cuts through non-contact, it does not physically deform or damage the tape material and can handle sensitive materials

Flexibility Tapes

Laser die cutting is suitable for tapes of various shapes and sizes, and can be designed and adjusted at any time according to demand

Kiss Cutting Advantages

Easy to peel

The Adhesive tape parts after Kiss-Cutting can be easily peeled off, and keep the adhesive layer on the back intact

Strong applicability

Kiss-Cutting is suitable for different types of tape materials such as film, paper, polyester, etc

High production efficiency

Kiss-Cutting can accomplish several cutting tasks at one time, it improves the production efficiency

Adhesive tape laser and kiss cutting are precise cutting methods that utilize laser technology for intricate and clean cuts, with laser cutting providing non-contact cutting through the entire tape thickness, which is a versatile and precise method that can handle a wide range of materials and is suitable for intricate designs. 

Kiss cutting offering shallow cuts to the tape’s surface while leaving the backing intact, which is specifically used for cutting adhesive-backed materials like stickers and labels, allowing for easy dispensing and application.

The choice between the two methods depends on the specific requirements of the project, the type of material, the desired design complexity, and the intended use of the end product.