Packaging Industry Tapes
Offering secure and versatile sealing and bonding solutions, ensuring efficient and reliable packaging of various products for storage, transport, and display

Adhesive Tapes For Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is a traditional application for adhesive tapes, and DCA’s tape products are widely used and in high demand.

The main types include BOPP / OPP tape, cloth tape and fiber tape. Taking fiber tape as an example, both filament striped fiber tape and lattice fiber tape are widely used in the packaging industry. They are used to package household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc. 

They are also used for packaging metal and wooden furniture, such as cushioning pads and carton transport. In addition, they are used in carton packaging and lightweight packaging, among others.

Colorful packaging tape with slit width

Related Tapes For Packaging Industry

BOPP packaging tape is a common adhesive material with adhesive on one side. It is widely used in daily life and commercial fields for general product packaging, box sealing, gift wrapping, and more.

OPP packaging tape (oriented polypropylene film) is also a common material used as the backing material for regular single-sided tape.

Cloth tape is mainly used for sealing cartons, joining and splicing carpets, heavy-duty bundling, and waterproof packaging, among other applications.

Fiber single-sided tape and double-sided tape are widely used for packaging household appliances, metal and wooden furniture, cushioning pads/cartons du transport, cardboard packaging and packaging of light items. Fiber single-sided tape provides reliable adhesion and fixing.
On the other hand, double-sided fiber tape is more suitable for bonding rubber products, as it allows double-sided bonding and provides better adhesion.

Fruit and vegetable bundling tape


Which is a specially designed tape used for bundling and securing fruits and vegetables. It typically has the following features:

  • Good flexibility
  • Non-irritating
  • No contamination to the produce
  • A certain level of stretchability and adhesiveness


The purpose of fruit and vegetable bundling tape is to hold the fruits and vegetables together for easier packaging and transportation while maintaining their shape and freshness.