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Offering reliable insulation, protection, and bonding solutions, ensuring secure and efficient assembly of components and devices.

Adhesive Tapes For Electronic & Electrical Industry

The scale of the future global consumer electronics market will continue to grow. In the future, electronic devices will be more powerful, screens will be brighter and clearer, and networks will be more stable and efficient. As one of the key manufacturing industries in the modernized society, the electrical and electronic industry has a high demand for high quality, reliability and durability.

DCA Tape Ltd., as a professional adhesive tape manufacturer, we are committed to providing high quality adhesive tape products to meet the needs of various applications in the electrical and electronic industry. We try to bring you closer to the “more powerful electronics of the future”!
We provide a variety of application tape solutions for tape production, installation, injection molding, component marking, surface protection, and safe transportation of electronic components, and will be further applicable to emerging markets such as 5G, wearable devices, and drones, which are currently popular.

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Related Tapes For Electronic & Electrical Industry

Electrical Insulation Tapes 

Acetate cloth tape is used for the adhesion of TV sets, transformers, air conditioners, computers and other electrical accessories and peripheral wires.

PET electrical insulated tape is used in the following situations: insulation protection of wire and cable joints with a voltage level of 600V and below 105°C; electrical insulation of busbars with a voltage level of 600V, and sheath protection of high-voltage and low-voltage cables; Splice protection and restoration; bundling of wires and cables.

Electronic Assembly Tape

Electronic assembly tapes are used for bonding, fixing and protecting materials in the assembly process of electronic products. Our company provides many types of electronic assembly tapes, including the following main categories:

Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

Non-woven fabric/cotton paper double-sided adhesive tape is widely used in various processing industries, including the rubber and plastics industry for the bonding of rubber strips and plastics. It is also used for bonding nameplates, buttons, foot mats, refrigerator evaporators, control panels, plastic bonding, and other applications.

PVC double-sided tape is widely used for bonding and securing various components in the electronics industry.

Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

EVA tape is used for securing wiring channels in electrical equipment.

Acrylic foam VHB tape is applied in the processing and assembly of household appliances, electronic and digital products, as well as for bonding and securing advertising materials, electronic signage, and LED boards.

Thermal Conductive Tape


Aluminum foil / Mylar aluminum foil & copper foil, Mylar copper foil tapes are used for electrical conduction and shielding in applications where it is challenging to secure materials. These tapes are commonly used in electronic products such as PADs, PDPs, LCD displays, laptops, printers, mobile phones, cable assemblies, and communication devices, where electromagnetic shielding is required internally.

Conductive fabric tape is used in the fields of keyboards, conducting connections for components, or for displays, computers, mobile phones, cable assemblies, and communication devices that require compliance with FCC, CE, and other certification standards.

Fiberglass thermal conductive adhesive tape is applied in various electronic component fields, including ICs, CPUs, MOSFETs; LEDs, motherboards, power supplies, heat sinks, LCD TVs, laptops, PCs, etc. It is also used in DDRLL modules, DVD applications, and more.

Protective Film Tape

Protective tapes are used to protect electrical and electronic products from damage and contamination during transportation, storage and use. Our company offers many types of protective tapes, including the following main categories:

PET protective tape:

With excellent heat, corrosion and abrasion resistance, commonly used for the protection of glass, metal and other surfaces.

PE protective tapes:

With good adhesion and tensile properties, commonly used for the protection of plastic surfaces, such as the shell of home appliances.

As a professional adhesive tape supplier, we understand the electrical and electronics industry’s need for high-quality, reliable and long-lasting products. We offer a wide range of adhesive tape products for a wide range of applications such as electronic assembly, electrical insulation and product protection. We are committed to continuous innovation and research and development to meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the growth of the electrical and electronics industry. Whether it is fixing, protecting or insulating, our adhesive tape products provide reliable solutions for your projects. We look forward to working with you to promote the progress and prosperity of the electrical and electronics industry. Please feel free to contact us and let’s work together to build a brighter future!