DCA Tape Slitting & Rewinding
Cutting and Winding adhesive tapes into narrower rolls for specific applications

Slitting & Rewinding Process

Slitting and rewinding is a common process in the tape industry. By cutting large rolls of tape into narrower rolls or rewinding narrower rolls into larger rolls, tape sizes and specifications can be customized to meet the needs of different industries and applications. Slitting and rewinding tapes improves productivity, facilitates portability and storage, and is suitable for a variety of tape types such as box sealing tapes, electrical tapes, double-sided tapes and polyester tapes. The tape industry focuses on quality control during the slitting and rewinding process to ensure that tapes are cut accurately and rewound tightly to meet customer needs and provide a quality tape product.

slitting rewinding tapes processing
tape slitting to make in different widths

Details of Slitting & Rewinding

Slitting & Rewinding Advantages

More Suitable Sizes

Slitting and Rewinding can cut the tape into more suitable sizes according to the demand, in order to meet the requirements of different industries and applications for tape specifications.

Improve Production Efficiency

Through the slitting and rewinding process, large rolls of tape can be converted into narrow tapes suitable for production lines or large rolls of tape with longer continuous use, thus improving production efficiency.

Convenient to carry and store

Through slitting and rewinding, the tape can be transformed from large rolls or narrow tapes into more convenient forms for carrying and storing, thus reducing the occupied space.