Renewable Energies Industry Tapes
Providing specialized tape solutions for sealing, insulating, and protecting critical components in renewable energy systems, power generation, and transmission applications

Adhesive Tapes For Renewable Energies Industry

Times are changing, the world is changing and Energy is innovating! DCA Tape has been working hard to contribute its professional expertise to the global environmental industry. 

The New Energies Industry is a rapidly growing industry in the world in recent years, including the development and utilization of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy.

As a professional tape converter & manufacturer, our company’s tape products have a wide range of applications in the New Energies Industry industry.

adhesive tapes for energy industry

Related Tapes For Renewable Energies Industry

Solar Panel Installation

Solar power is one of the most widely used new energy technologies today, and we offer a wide range of tapes to meet the needs of solar panel installation, including:

– Backsheet fixing tapes: such as tesa 4965 double sided tape, with strong adhesive and high peel strength, suitable for solar panels and backsheet fixing.


– Conductor fixing tape: for example, 3M 1500 cable tape, with good insulation and weather resistance, suitable for fixing and encapsulating cables on solar panels.

Wind Power Generation

Wind power is a technology that utilizes wind energy to convert into electricity. We offer many types of tapes to meet the needs of wind power generation, including:

– Turbine blade repair tapes: such as tesa 51236 repair tape, with high adhesion and weather resistance, suitable for repairing damage to wind turbine blades.


– Conductor bundle fixing tapes: e.g. 3M 27 fiberglass tape, with excellent high temperature resistance and electrical insulation, suitable for fixing conductor bundles in wind farms.

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydroelectric power is a technology that utilizes the conversion of water energy into electrical energy. We offer a wide range of tapes to meet the needs of hydroelectric power generation, including:

– Turbine lubrication tapes: e.g. tesa 51026 turbine tape, which is abrasion and chemical resistant and is suitable for lubricating and sealing turbine components in hydroelectric installations.


– Water pipe sealing tapes: e.g. 3M 2228 water pipe sealing tape, with good compression resistance and acid and alkali resistance, suitable for sealing and preventing leakage of water pipes in hydroelectric power plants.

Energy Storage Devices

Energy storage devices are used to store and release energy, we offer many types of tapes to meet the needs of energy storage devices, including:

– Battery mounting tapes: e.g. tesa 4965 double sided tape with strong adhesive and high peel strength for mounting and installation of battery components.


– Insulation tapes, such as 3M 23 Rubber Insulation Tape, which has good electrical insulation properties and high temperature resistance, and is suitable for insulating and protecting cables in energy storage facilities.

These are just a few examples of the types of tapes we use in the New Energies Industry, as well as the names of the tapes we use. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, versatile and reliable adhesive tape solutions to meet the needs of the New Energies Industry. Whether it’s for solar panel installation, wind power, hydroelectric power or energy storage, we have the right tape for the job. We will continue to innovate and improve to meet the constant growth and changes in the New Energies Industry sector. At the same time, we will actively monitor the industry’s technological trends and market needs to provide our customers with even more cutting-edge and specialized adhesive tape products and solutions.