Contruction Industry Tapes
Offering strong and durable bonding, sealing, and mounting solutions, facilitating efficient and reliable assembly of building materials and enhancing overall construction performance.

Adhesive Tapes For Construction Industry

As a professional exporter of adhesive tapes, our company has a wide range of applications for adhesive tape products in the Construction Decoration Industry sector.

Adhesive tapes play an important role in fixing, protecting and beautifying in the Building Decoration Industry and can fulfill various needs.

Our goal is to help you bring your ideal architectural design concept to life, making spaces more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, or creating a unique and flawless architectural structure.

3M VHB tape for frame bonding

Related Tapes For Construction Industry

Construction Decoration Tape

Wallcovering is an important part of building decoration, and we offer a variety of tapes to meet different wallcovering needs, including:

Electrical insulation tape: e.g. 3M 33+ PVC electrical tape, with good insulation and weather resistance, suitable for insulating and fixing electrical equipment.

– Crepe Masking Tape: e.g. tesa 4323 paper tape, with high adhesion, flexibility, residue-free removal, clear color separation lines, easy tear, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, UV resistance, and waterproof properties.

It is suitable for light duty spray painting and general purpose applications like, holding, sealing, fixing. 


-Fiber tape is made with PET as the base material, reinforced with polyester fibers, and coated with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive. This fiber tape exhibits excellent wear resistance, moisture resistance, and high tensile strength. The unique pressure-sensitive adhesive layer provides outstanding long-term adhesion and special properties. It is widely used in the field of construction and decoration.

Construction Installation Tape

DCA tapes also provide perfect bonding solutions for wood, glass, metal, or fiberglass doors in modern architecture, offering reliable and long-lasting adhesion while maintaining a clean and seamless surface finish. 

And they are also suitable for permanently bonding decorative glass panels, securing different flooring materials like carpets and PVC to the ground, and providing external protection systems for buildings

-Acrylic (VHB) foam tape (Double sided tape) provides strong adhesive strength and dust sealing properties, making it suitable for glass curtain wall assembly. It is also widely used in the construction industry for insulation, bonding, bundling, waterproofing, repair, sealing, and labeling.


-EVA tape (Double Sided Tape) is used for temporary positioning and fixing of various decorative materials.

Interior Decoration Tape

Interior decoration needs to consider the fixing of decorative materials and aesthetics, we provide many types of tapes to meet the needs of interior decoration, including:

– Nail-free tapes: e.g. tesa 55790 nail-free tape with strong adhesive and removability for fixing decorative paintings, mirrors and ornaments.


– Double-sided film adhesive tapes, such as 3M 9088 double-sided film adhesive tape, with high adhesion and transparency for splicing and attaching decorative materials.

As a professional adhesive tape supplier, we understand the electrical and electronics industry’s need for high-quality, reliable and long-lasting products. We offer a wide range of adhesive tape products for a wide range of applications such as electronic assembly, electrical insulation and product protection. We are committed to continuous innovation and research and development to meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the growth of the electrical and electronics industry. Whether it is fixing, protecting or insulating, our adhesive tape products provide reliable solutions for your projects. We look forward to working with you to promote the progress and prosperity of the electrical and electronics industry. Please feel free to contact us and let’s work together to build a brighter future!