DCA Converting Services
Transforming raw materials into customized tape solutions, our converting services redefine excellence in the adhesive tape industry

What sets us apart?

DCA Tape is committed to providing impeccable tape solutions that convert your ideas into real, usable adhesive materials quickly and cost-effectively. We are not only a tape manufacturer but also offers a comprehensive range of converting capabilities and end-to-end adhesive tape manufacturing solutions for our customers.

By working with flexible jumbo roll materials and utilizing various advanced equipment, we can tailor our services to meet the specific industry requirements of our clients. Our capabilities include adhesive bonding/coating, slitting and rewinding in large or small sizes, laminating with multiple layers of different backing materials, and die-cutting or kiss cutting to create pieces of any shape and design that meet the specified requirements.

Working on Prototype?

Try our best to tailor tapes to meet your specific and special requirements to meet any industries.

Adhesive tape converter & manufacturer
Die-cutting tapes for various industries

DCA Tape Team Benefits

Just entrust us, and we can solve all your converting problems and meet the requirements of any industry application you have.

Converting Capabilities Offering

laminating with different tape materials

Laminating & Multi-Laminating

DCA Tape’s wide-width laminating machines with multiple workstations enable efficient and precise lamination of multiple substrates meantime, which to ensure the production of high-quality laminated materials with strong and durable bonds. This technology allows DCA Tape to cater to a wide range of industries and applications, providing reliable and innovative laminated solutions.

slitting tapes processing

Wide & Narrow Slitting / Jumbo Roll Rewinding

DCA Tape manufacturer converts wide master rolls into narrower rolls, catering to specific customer needs and application requirements.via the wide & narrow slitting, then rewinding process. It ensures efficient utilization of materials, enables customization, and provides versatility in meeting various market demands.

rotary die-cutting tapes processing for quick production

Rotary Die-Cutting & Flat Bed Die-Cutting

DCA Tape team provides Flatbed Die-Cutting and Rotary Die-Cutting services, specializing in the precise cutting of various shapes for tapes, labels, and gaskets. While both services offer accurate die-cutting capabilities, Rotary Die-Cutting is an ideal choice for high-speed production and quick supply requirements.

PET Tape flat bed die cutting

Laser Die-Cutting & Kiss-Cutting

DCA Tape team also offers laser die-cutting and kiss cutting services to meet your product shaping requirements. Whether it’s complex designs or diverse materials, we can provide high precision cutting through laser die-cutting. We can also utilize our kiss cutting service to precisely cut the top layer of the material without affecting the adhesive layer, enabling easy peeling of the final product from the backing sheet.

Flexo printing sticker label tape manufacturer

Flexographic Printing Everything

DCA Tape Team offer Flexographic Printing service, which is a popular printing technique widely used in the packaging, labeling, and tape industries. And it also can print on different surfaces, including both porous and non-porous materials. This makes it suitable for printing on a wide range of substrates, such as paper, film, plastics, and metallic foils. Whether it’s a simple one-color design or a complex multicolor artwork, our flexographic printing process ensures excellent color reproduction and sharp image clarity.

DCA TAPE SOLUTION offer comprehensive converting capabilities

Professional Consultion & Custom Tape Solutions

DCA Tape Team is a professional adhesive tape manufacturer, which is dedicated to providing expert tape consultation and custom tape solutions to address bonding needs and meet our clients’ specific requirements. Additionally, we offer packaging solutions, supported by our in-house packaging design team, ensuring that products are delivered intact to our clients.