Transportation Industry Tapes
Providing widely adhesive tapes for transportation, ensuring safety and efficiency in vehicles and logistics.

Adhesive Tapes For Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is the engine of global progress! And packaging is a key element in ensuring the safety and integrity of goods during transportation, and adhesive tapes, as an indispensable part of the packaging material, are responsible for securing, encapsulating, and protecting the goods.

DCA’s adhesive tapes provide efficient and safe solutions for the transportation industry. From surface protection to sealants, from vibration damping to safety management, with us, you can have a satisfactory product experience.

We can provide solutions for adhesive anti-slip safety signage, ensuring safety management during transportation.

It can also provide identification labels with safety features and high peel strength films, making the transportation industry smoother and more enjoyable!

Sealing and fastening tapes for the transportation industry

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Carton Sealing Tapes

Packaging tapes are the most common tapes used to seal and secure cardboard boxes. In the transportation industry, we offer various types of sealing tapes, (Sealing tape: Used to seal containers, pipes, or joints, ensuring no leakage or seepage) including:

– BOPP sealing tapes: e.g. 3M 371/372 BOPP sealing tapes with high viscosity, temperature and tear resistance for sealing general goods.


– PVC Sealing Tapes: e.g. tesa 4124 PVC Sealing Tape, with high viscosity and excellent weather resistance, suitable for long-distance transportation and sealing in harsh environments.

Double Coated Transfer Tapes

Double coated tapes are mainly used for packaging goods with special requirements, such as heavy and oddly shaped items. In the transportation industry, we offer many types of coated tapes, including

– Fiber-reinforced tapes: e.g. 3M 8959 fiber-reinforced tape with polyester reinforcement for high tensile strength and tear resistance for bundling and securing heavy goods.


– Double-sided tapes: e.g. tesa 4972 double-sided tape with high viscosity and long durability, suitable for situations where goods need to be kept smooth and immobile during transport.

Labeling Tape

Label tapes are mainly used to mark the packaging of goods and convey information, which helps to quickly identify goods and manage logistics. In the transportation industry, we offer many types of label tapes, including

– Printed tapes, such as 3M 3725 Printed Tape, offer clear printing and good adhesion for printing cargo information, barcodes and serial numbers.


– Removable Labeling Tapes: For example, tesa 51972 Removable Labeling Tape with repositionable and non-residue properties for temporary marking and labeling.

Secondary Packaging Tapes

Auxiliary packaging tapes are used to increase the stability and security of goods packaging. In the transportation industry, we offer many types of secondary packaging tapes, including

– Reinforcement Tapes: e.g. 3M 8956 Reinforcement Tape is a fiberglass reinforced material with high tensile and tear strength properties, which is suitable for reinforcing the packaging of large and heavy goods.


– Elastic Wrap-Around Tapes: tesa 4287 Elastic Wrap-Around Tape with excellent stretch and elasticity for palletizing and securing goods.

Other Tapes

Warning tape: Used for marking and warning hazardous areas, pipelines, or equipment to remind people to be cautious.


Anti-slip tape: Used to prevent goods from sliding and moving during transportation, improving stability and safety.


Dustproof tape: Used to seal and protect goods, preventing dust and impurities from entering.


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