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We are a leading converter & manufacturer in the industry of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Tapes with extra valued converting service to tailor-made the die-cutting pieces to meet any industries for your need.

Adhesive tapes converter and manufacturer
Widely adhesive tapes for different Industries

Complete Adhesive Tape Solutions

  1. Widely Tapes needed: Polyimide Tape / Polyester Tape / Foil Tape / Foam Tape / PTFE cloth Tape etc.
  2. Custom Tapes with Converting Services: Laminating / Slitting & Rewinding / Die-Cutting / Printing / Packing
  3. Professional trained Sales persons and Master engineers team to offer suitable Tape solutions with tailored high performance tapes.

Widely Adhesive Tapes

Wide ranges of multi materials adhesive transfer tapes offering - quick products for different applications and Industries

Customized Services

We can customize products suitable for your requests, like glue coating, materials testing and Die-cutting pieces

Tape Solutions

Full experiences of Engineering team offers innovative tape solutions and make out suitable tapes to meet your any needs

Certificates Guarantee

Providing High-Performance Adhesive Tapes to Solve All Bonding Challenges ISO 9001 / ASTM International / PSTC / TLMI / AFERA

Global Support

Efficient distribution networks enable the timely delivery of adhesive tapes to customers worldwide and ensure to reach their destinations efficiently.

DCA Team Around you

Fast response within two hours with professional tape suggestions for your applictaion and quick production and shipping safety to your hand

Converting Capability by DCA team

Our Complete Services encompass tape slitting, laminating, die-cutting, printing, and custom packaging. From precision cutting to enhancing tape performance through lamination, we deliver high-quality solutions for diverse applications. 

Laminating / Multi-laminate

Enhancing tape performance through layerings


Precision cutting for tape different dimensions

Flexographic Printing

Custom printing of adhesive tape labels suitable for various occasions
Flexo Printing

Laser & Kiss Cutting

Leaving the adhesive backing intact, facilitating easy application and reducing waste
Kiss Cutting

Die-Cutting / Flat Bed Cutting

Precise Rotary Die cut / Flat Bed Cut shapes for tailored tape designs and applications

Die-cutting Everything

We provide precise and customized cutting solutions to die-cut any materials of adhesive tapes in a wide variety of shapes and thickness, that to meet customers’ specifications. Whatever any kinds of Adhesive tapes, foam Gaskets, foil tapes or protective film, we can work out tailored tapes for your requests.

high temperature Masking Tape Die-Cutting

Poron Adhesive Tape Die-Cutting

Aluminum Foil Tape Die-Cutting

Electronic Insulation Fish Tape Die-Cutting

Foam Tape Die-Cutting

3M VHB Tape Die-Cutting

Die-Cutting Everything

Function / Industries

Our tapes are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and reliability, ensuring they meet the specific demands of each industry. With our comprehensive range of adhesive tapes, we provide reliable solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Here you can search and find out what you want and need by Function / Industry

Search By Function

Whether you need tapes for Bonding, Sealing, Insulating, Masking, or Protecting, we have the right adhesive tapes and custom cutting tapes for your application.

Search By Industry

Our tape solutions cater to various requirements, including Packaging, Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Energy , Transporting and Other General Industries.

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