Automotive Industry Tapes
Providing strong and durable bonding, sealing, and mounting solutions, enhancing vehicle assembly efficiency and performance while meeting rigorous industry standards.

Adhesive Tapes For Automotive Industry

With DCA’s more than ten years of experience in the automotive industry, we have mastered the application of tapes in automotive design, manufacturing, and maintenance. Our tapes can help equipment manufacturers improve fuel economy through lightweight solutions, and can also help cars body experts innovated the painting process to update iterations, all of which made us more confident!

DCA’s tapes have been widely appllied to the automotive industry for manufacturing and assembly, surface protection, and EV battery,  not limited to auto care, collision repair, facility safety, post factory installations, etc. Our products include permanent fixing adhesive tape for exterior parts, adhesive tape for car mirror assembly, fixing adhesive tape for wiring harness, adhesive tape for shock and noise reduction, adhesive tape for interior decoration, adhesive tape for safety marking, hole adhesive tape, permanent protection adhesive tape, surface protection adhesive tape, protective film, fine color separation adhesive tape, paint masking adhesive tape, wire harness binding adhesive tape, etc.

adhesive tapes for automotive industry

Related Tapes For Automotive Industry

Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly:

Our Adhesive Tapes can be used in automotive manufacturing and assembly, including mirror assembly, safety labels, wire harness bundling and protection, cable installation, interior installation, etc. They are the glue and tools for each step. It creates strong bonds between automotive materials with different surface properties, such as plastic parts and varnishes.

Foam Tapes Series (Acrylic foam tape, VHB, PE foam tape)
These series are used in automotive industry and interior decoration, including anti-scratch strips, decorative strips, bumper crash plates, nameplates, signs, pedals, car interior gluing and fixing panels and rearview mirrors.

PET Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
The series are used for fixing ABS plastic parts in automotive industry, bonding rubber EPDM, batteries in electronic equipment, pasting between lenses and windows, etc.

High Temperature Masking Tape
The series is suitable for high-temperature-resistant baking paint spray masking protection on the surface of automotives, iron or plastic furniture, and is also suitable for electronics\electrical appliances\varistors\circuit boards and other industries.

Surface Protection Tapes

Our Film tapes can protect the inner and outer surfaces of the car, reduce the risk of damage and dust, so as to maintain a bright surface.

PE/TPU protective film, PE Antistatic film

These series are used in the following situations: processing of ordinary glass and tempered glass; surface protection of PC, PMMA, PET high-gloss panels and high-gloss injection molded parts; production protection of LCD light guide panels; die-cutting processing of diffusion film protection.

EV Battery Tapes

Electric vehicle batteries with high energy loads have high requirements for dielectric and thermal protection. DCA Tape can provide adhesive solutions according to customers’ requirements to optimize battery safety, performance and capacity.

Polyester EV Battery Tape
These series are used for self-adhesive mounting of ABS plastic parts, rubber, EPDM profiles and profile mounting of battery packs, lens and touch screen holders for electronic devices.

Our tapes are used in a wide range of automotive applications and are available in specialized categories and under specific names. These tapes not only protect the body, secure wiring harnesses and enhance the driving experience, but also improve component sealing and marker accuracy. We will continue our efforts in innovation and R&D to provide more high-quality and diversified tape products for the automotive industry.