Die Cutting 3M 9448A Double Coated Tissue Tape Tailored For Special Industries

3M 9448A/AB is a double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape, made from a white tissue paper as backing carrier with double coated strong and high tack acrylic adhesion, which can adhere to variety subjects strongly. The high adhesion acrylic has excellent bonding strength on a wide range of substrates and can be laminated with a variety of materials to achieve different functions for applications. The initial tack of this adhesive is unaffected by changes in temperature and provides good adhesion even at low temperatures. Soft acrylic adhesives penetrate rough surfaces and bond well.

Using paper as a release liner enables excellent die-cutting of various shapes and sizes to meet wide ranges of applications.

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  • Firm high bond strength across various materials
  • Modified acrylic adhesive resistant to heat and chemicals
  • Bonds well to foams, fabrics, plastics, metal etc.
  • Conforms to irregular and textured surfaces
  • Prevents delamination of materials
  • Easy tear and die cutting to any shape designs
  • Temperature resistant from -30F to 200F
  • Clean removal without gooey residue


Tape Name 3M 9448A double coated tissue tape
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Functions High bonding for mounting different materials; Laminated with other carriers for special industrials
Backing (Carrier) Material Tissue Paper
Total Thickness 5.9 mil (0.15mm)
Liner Paper
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor; Automotive Interior & Exterior; Electronics etc.
Industries Widely used for different applications
Long Term Temperature 70℃
Short Term Temperature 150℃
Color White


With the ability to bond foam, fabrics, rubber and plastic sheets firmly together while resisting temperatures from sub-zero cold to oven heat alongside caustic solvents, 3M 9448A double-coated tissued tape facilitates durable attachment across transportation sectors – from noise-dampening insulation inside engine compartments and wheel wells of passenger vehicles to cushioning knee braces strapped around bus driver cabins;  the tape’s clean removal permits temporary yet reliable mounting of utility carpeting inside rental box trucks as well as securing rubber anti-fatigue mats across industrial workstations in fabrication facilities.

It can perform different functions to achieve a wider range of applications, as long as laminated to different substrates.


Applicable Industries:

  • Attaching automotive interior trim and noise barriers
  • Laminating HVAC and appliance insulation materials
  • Mounting industrial equipment panels
  • Fabric and foam bonding in furniture and bedding
  • Securing POS displays and exhibition graphics
  • General fabrication and transportation assemblies
  • Permanent bonding in metalworking and electronics


die cutting 3m 9448a double coated tissue tape

3m 9448a tape for electronic repairing application


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