Why VHB Tapes Are Important Trend For Automotive Industry 

Die cutting 3M double sided tapes bonding for car

Die Cutting double sided automotive trim tapes for EV Battery Pack Assembly and Light weighting

In the new energy age, automotive lightweight has become an important trend. How to effectively realize lightweight under the premise of ensuring safety is an issue that all automotive manufacturers need to face. 3M VHB High Strength Adhesive Tape has become the ideal choice for the pursuit of lightweight and safety in the automotive industry due to its unique performance advantages.

I. New Energy Vehicle Challenges and Opportunities

New energy vehicles have entered a golden period of rapid development. According to the forecast of the International Energy Agency, the number of electric vehicles in the world will reach 250 million by 2030. In China, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in 2022 will exceed 6 million, accounting for more than half of the global market. Traditional automobile enterprises are also actively transforming to new energy and intelligent network direction.

However, the increased weight of battery-powered systems has also posed a new challenge to automotive light weighting. It is estimated that electric vehicles are 10-30% heavier than traditional fuel vehicles. Lightweight design not only improves the performance, but also extends the range, which is a must-answer question for new energy vehicles.

In fact, there are many other Adhesive tapes needed for the automotive industry, hope to check our other blog to learn about the different tapes used in different areas of a car.

Automotive Industry Adhesive tape double sided mounting tape
Automotive Industry double sided mounting tape for car outside and inside decor

Ⅱ. 3M VHB tape to help automotive lightweighting

3M VHB series adhesive tapes have become the key choice for automotive light weighting with its excellent high-end performance. Its acrylic adhesive can produce a very high adhesive force, which can completely replace many bolts, rivets and other mechanical fasteners to achieve significant weight reduction.

VHB tape has a strong peel strength, such as 3M VHB RP32 up to 4,000 psi. 3M4910, 5925 and 5952 commonly used models also have more than 1,400 psi. This allows it to reliably bond structural body parts.

Through precise CNC cutting and molding, it can produce various special shapes to adapt to the complex body structure and realize customized adhesion.

  • 3M VHB 4941 and 4950 can be cut into fine straight or curved shapes to perfectly fit door glass, mirrors, etc. into the body gap.
  • 3M VHB 5925 can be cut into round and oval shapes to fit sunroofs, lights and wheels.
  • 3M VHB 5952 can be cut into the shape of lamps and headlamp housings for large area mounting.
  • 3M VHB 5612 can be cut into anti-vibration pads and bonded under the electronic control unit to improve its anti-vibration performance.
  • 3M VHB RP32 high temperature model can be cut into the shape of the hood liner to improve heat and sound insulation.
  • 3M VHB 4941 can be cut into the shape of a battery case to realize all-around encapsulation.
  • 3M VHB 4950 / 3M 4229P double-sided tape can be cut into very thin, gap-type tapes for door-to-body sealing applications.
  • 3M VHB 5952 Body Adhesive can be cut into L-shaped strips for roof box and door frame bonding.

By custom cutting, VHB tapes can be precisely matched to the body structure, fully utilizing their unique advantages of strong adhesion and elastic cushioning, and making an important contribution to the light weighting and safety of automobiles.

Die cutting 3M double sided tapes bonding for car

VHB tape can also be used in new energy vehicle battery assembly to play the advantage of strong adhesion. Different types of VHB tapes can be precisely die-cut for use in different parts of the battery package: VHB 5925 can be cut into strips for structural bonding between battery modules.

  • 3M VHB 5925 can be cut into strips for structural bonding between battery modules.
  • 3M VHB 5952 can be cut into film for bonding battery cells and battery management system PCBAs.
  • 3M VHB 4941 Waterproof and dust-proof tape can be cut to the shape of the battery housing for all-around encapsulation.
  • 3M VHB 4910 Single sided tape can be cut into thin sections for mounting battery junction boxes, temperature sensors and other components.
  • 3M VHB 5612 High Temperature Tape can be cut into thermal pads for battery thermal management components.
  • 3M VHB RP32 High Temperature version can be cut into fireproof lining for battery compartment walls.
  • 3M VHB 4304 is used as a floor liner under batteries to dampen vibration.

By custom cutting and applying VHB tapes, the mechanical strength of the battery structure can be strengthened, and the heat dissipation and insulation effect can be improved to ensure the long-term safety and performance of the battery pack.

In addition, VHB tape can be used in a wide range of applications, including interior assembly, door sealing and trunk lining. It is lightweight and elastic, which can effectively reduce road noise and improve driving comfort.

Automotive car decor very bonding tapes die cutting
Die cutting 3M 5925 VHB tapes for mounting in automotive industry

Ⅲ. VHB tape to protect the safety of new energy vehicles

VHB tape not only reduces the weight of the body, but also improves the safety of the body structure.VHB tape reliably resists shock and vibration. Its flexible adhesive layer absorbs vibration and stress, preventing structural fatigue and avoiding cracking or peeling under complex environments.

For example, VHB tape plays an essential role in the packaging of electric vehicle batteries. 3M VHB 5952 and 4955 are used for structural bonding of battery components, which can withstand collision impacts and improve the mechanical safety of batteries; at the same time, the good insulating properties of VHB tape can also block electrical leakage and improve electrical safety.

3M VHB 4941 waterproof and dust-proof tape is widely used for all-around sealing of battery cases. It can withstand mud, water, oil, salt spray and other harsh environments to ensure battery life and performance. At the same time, VHB tape also has a flame retardant function, can be used for battery bulkhead lining, slow down the heat conduction, improve the response time of the battery combustion accident.

In terms of fixing electronic components, 3M VHB 5612 High Temperature Tape can be used to reliably fix on-board electronic equipment to improve its reliability against vibration and overheating, thus ensuring the safety of passengers.

3M vhb tape series with high performance bonding for cars

Ⅳ.Custom cutting and professional technical support

We are the regional sales agent of VHB tape appointed by 3M, and we can provide customized cutting service according to customers’ demand, so that VHB tape can perfectly match with the unique body structure design, and play the double effect of weight reduction and safety reinforcement.

Relying on 3M’s strong technical research and development strength, we can provide customers with tape material selection consultation, cutting program design, online technical guidance and other professional support to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. We also have a large number of alternative products to VHB tape.

DCA Tape die-cutting processing workshop of VHB tapes
DCA Tape die-cutting very bonding tape in car

New energy vehicles present new challenges for adhesive technology and great business opportunities. We sincerely look forward to working with automakers to promote the transformation and development of automotive light weighting and electrification!


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