DCA Industrial Tape Manufacturer Introduces 10-axis Automatic Slitting Machine

DCA industrial tape manufacturer introduces 10-axis auto slitting machine

As a leading Industrial adhesive tape manufacturer & converter in China, we have always been committed to researching and developing special tapes to meet our customers’ needs. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing tapes, we know the development of the adhesive tape industry and the needs of our customers, include quality, quick production time, reasonable cost and suitable shipping ways etc. We have continued to shorten the production cycle period through automated processes to control production costs while ensuring product quality.

Today, we introduce a new 10-axis automatic slitting machine to achieve efficient and fast processing of adhesive tapes, which not only greatly improves our production efficiency, but also optimizes cost control and consolidates our leading position as an industry leader.

DCA industrial tape manufacturer introduces auto slitting machine for width tapes

This automatic slitter has greatly improved our tape processing capabilities. It is equipped with 10 high-speed cutting axes that work simultaneously, making it 10 times more efficient than conventional slit cutting. For example, a 300-meter roll of double-sided tape that used to take half an hour to cut now takes only three minutes. The rapid automation allows for quick delivery of finished products to customers as orders are received.

At the same time, the automated slitter standardizes the quality of the product. Tapes are cut to an accuracy of 0.3mm, and the quality of the cut is no longer affected by manual operation, effective reduction of product scrap rate. We can also achieve more flexible small batch production to meet the customized needs of different customers.

In addition, the automated operation also optimizes cost control. The increased production capacity has expanded economies of scale and greatly improved the efficiency of resource utilization, further reducing the cost per unit of product. All these will improve our overall competitiveness. Contact us with your requests of any tapes, sizes and production time you need.

Features of automatic slitting machine for Adhesive tape manufacturing:

  • High efficiency: 10 cutting axes work at the same time,cutting speed is more than 10 times of manual.
  • High precision: Cutting precision can reach 0.1mm, cutting quality is not affected by human factors.
  • Flexibility: It can cut tape products of different lengths, widths and shapes.
  • Integration: The whole cutting process is fully automatic, no need for manual operation, high degree of integration.
  • Intelligent: Cutting parameters can be programmed to realize flexible mass production or small batch production.
  • Simplified operation: Operators only need simple loading and setting, reducing labor intensity.
  • Cost saving: Automated operation reduces labor, lowering labor costs.
  • Reduced scrap: The machine cuts stably, dramatically reducing the product scrap rate.
  • Improve quality: each cutting quality can be controlled to ensure product uniformity.
  • Green environmental protection: No dust pollution, the cutting process is quiet.

DCA tape manufacturing company adjust production during testing with auto slitting machine

Ⅰ. Slitting cutting materials

  • General grade PVC tape, PET tape
  • Nylon cloth tape, glass cloth tape
  • Double-sided adhesive tape, foam adhesive, other professional-grade adhesive tape
  • Fire retardant tapes, anti-static tapes, conductive tapes and other functional tapes.
  • High-temperature weatherproof adhesive tapes, super-strong adhesive tapes, etc.

Ⅱ. Cutting precision

  • The cutting precision of 10-axis automatic slitter is up to 0.1mm. The numerical control system and high-precision motors ensure that the cutting precision can be controlled every time.
  • The width of tapes can be controlled within ±0.5mm for general grade tapes, and within ±0.3mm for fireproofing, shielding and other professional grade tapes.

Ⅲ. Cutting effect

  • Automatic slitting machine guarantees clean and flat cutting line every time, no burrs, lint and other problems.
  • Both sides of the cutting line can realize micro-cut, tape edges are flat and neat; high temperature cutting can get welded flat cut.

10-axis axautomatic slitting machine & Tape production

In the future, we will continue to expand automation and build highly digital and flexible production lines. We will also work closely with our customers to develop customized cutting tape solutions according to their special needs.

Meanwhile, we have gained high recognition from our customers in precision die-cutting processing, which can be as accurate as 0.1-0.5mm width, and we have gained significant achievements in the field of die-cutting for the electrical and electronic industry, and automotive industry. BYD automotive has become one of the important long-term cooperation and development of our customers, and we have become a leader in the automotive industry adhesive tapes in China.

If you need more customized die-cutting tapes, or need products quickly, whether it is for the automotive industry, electrical and electronic industry, transportation industry, daily-use tapes, our professional sales staff will give you a professional reply at the first time with converting services for you.


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