3M 4229P VHB Acrylic Foam Tape for Durable Industrial Bonding

The 3M 4229P VHB double-sided joining tape utilizes a firm acrylic foam core and thick acrylic adhesive to provide powerful bonding strength for exterior applications. This structural bonding tape adheres well to metals, plastics, composites, glass and painted surfaces without mechanical fasteners. UV resistant and impervious to moisture, temperature extremes and chemicals, this VHB foam tape maintains consistent long-term adhesion indoors and outdoors. With bond strength up to 760 psi, it effectively seals out dust, moisture and air while absorbing vibration and shock.

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  • Acrylic foam carrier provides cushioning and conformity.
  • Thick acrylic adhesive gives high bond strength.
  • Adheres well to low and high surface energy substrates.
  • Withstands temperature extremes, UV exposure and moisture.
  • Provides excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals.
  • Can effectively dampen vibration and absorb shock.
  • Maintains constant stress over time.
  • Offers long-term durable bonding for interior and exterior applications.


Product Name 3M4229P
Adhesive Type Acrylic Foam Tape
Application Automotive Exterior Attachment
Backing (Carrier) Thickness (Imperial) 0.03 in
Backing (Carrier) Thickness (Metric) 0.76 mm
Brands 3M™
Factory ISO Certification No ISO Certification information available
Product Color Dark Gray
Product Usage Step Pads, Wheel Arch Extensions, Pillars, Claddings, Rocker Panels, Sill Plates, Spoilers
Total Film Thickness 30 Milli-inch (mil)


The 3M 4229P VHB tape is ideally suited for permanent, high-strength bonding and mounting applications exposed to harsh outdoor environments, including adhering automotive trim, decals, and panels on vehicle exteriors; mounting exterior sign boards and decorative fixtures on buildings; assembling and sealing outdoor electronics components and enclosures; bonding solar panels, antenna panels on rooftops; it provides durable adhesion performance with ability to withstand temperature extremes, UV radiation, moisture, solvents for years, and replaces conventional mechanical fasteners, rivets, screws and liquid adhesives for a more simplified bonding process.


Applicable Industries:

  • Bonding and mounting vehicle exterior attachments.
  • Joining signs, panels and trims on outdoor surfaces.
  • Mounting consumer electronics components and accessories.
  • Adhering solar panels, antennas and other exterior fixtures.
  • Sealing joints and gaps exposed to harsh environments.
  • Replacing rivets, screws, liquid adhesives for bonding.Automotive Exterior mounting 3M tape

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