High Intensity Grade DOT-C2 Reflective Tape Automotive For Safety High Visibility

Maximize safety with DCA superior DOT-C2 Reflective Tape for automotive, expertly crafted using an advanced PMMA Micro-Prismatic Reflective Film, coated with a strong pressure sensitive adhesive and translucent polymeric liner, ensuring impressive outdoor durability of 7-10 years. It is resistant to weather, water, and solvents, maintaining its reflective quality in harsh conditions. Ideal for vary of applications including cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, and as traffic safety markers. And with high performance stickiness, the reflective tape adheres to diverse surfaces with a no-fuss installation process.

Adhering to ASTM D4956 Type Ⅲ standards, it stands as a leader in the market for providing enhanced safety and visibility in low-light environments such as construction zones, fleet management, and emergency areas.

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  • High IntensityPMMA Micro-Prismatic Reflective Film
  • Strength pressure sensitive adhesive to any surfaces
  • Meets strict DOT-C2 certification for safety and visibility
  • Brilliant reflectance at night or in low-light situations for optimum safety
  • High performance of adhesive backing on various vehicle surfaces.
  • Resistant to water, dirt, and extreme temperature variations
  • Printable with your own requests of production lot
  • UV Stabilized and Conforms to different vehicle types
  • ASTM D4956 Type Ⅲ standard
  • White / Yellow / Orange / Red / Green / Blue / Brown / Red & White


Model No. DCA-RT001~008 Test Basis
Carrier Material PMMA Micro-Prismatic Reflective Film GB/T 18833-2012
Adhesion: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Total Thickness(mm) 0.38 / 0.4 / 0.42mm / customized
Color Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Red &White
Size Standard Length 45.7m with different slitting width
Retroreflectivity (RA) Observation Angle : positive 0.2 degrees
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / WHITE 412-517 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / YELLOW 312-411 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / ORANGE 158-199 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / RED 114-162 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / GREEN 71-106 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / BLUE 40-48 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / BROWN 78-93 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)

1. Ambient Condition: (23士2)℃/(50士10)%RH


Enhance on-road safety with our High-Intensity Grade DOT-C2 Reflective Tape, a crucial addition to any vehicle requiring heightened visibility. Its superior adhesive quality ensures it firmly grips onto trucks, trailers, and emergency vehicles, making them highly noticeable in low light conditions, thus significantly reducing the likelihood of night-time collisions. The tape’s special weatherproof construction guarantees reliable performance in all conditions, whether on a farm tractor working at dusk or a construction vehicle in a bustling work zone. Its UV-stabilized makeup preserves reflectivity and color even under the relentless sun, making it an ideal safety measure for marine vessels. Crucially, it acts as a proactive safety measure for recreational and service vehicles, providing peace of mind for roadside workers and night-time travelers alike.


Here are some general industries where it can be used:

  • Highlights contour and size for Trunks and Trailers
  • Allows for quick identification and better visibility for Emergency Vehicles
  • Marks farming equipment for Agricultural Machinery
  • Increases the visibility of vehicles at work sites for Construction Vehicles
  • Adds a crucial safety feature ensuring boats are visible for Marine Transport
  • Reflective strips on helmets enhance rider visibility
  • Brightens traffic cones and barriers for Traffic Devices
  • Ensures construction and maintenance crews are seen with reflective personal equipment

DOT C2 Reflective Tape back detail

PMMA DOT C2 Reflective Tape applications


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