Custom Formable Polyimide Film for 3D Insulation Components

Formable Polyimide Film is a high-performance polymer material mainly composed of polyimide. With outstanding heat and chemical resistance, these customized polyimide films can be thermoformed into various 3D profiles per your engineering drawings. Tight dimensional tolerances (±0.10mm) are maintained to ensure reliability. The molded polyimide parts offer high dielectric strength and thermal endurance, protecting windings from short circuits and thermal damage. Available in different thicknesses from 0.025mm to 0.50mm, these lightweight 3D films can be shaped into insulation gaskets for lithium battery casings or other 3D-shaped gaskets for automotive sensors and switches. It is also used as a thermoformed insulating gasket for various electronic components like speaker cones, domes, and surrounds, where insulation is required.

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  • Good plasticity, can be thermoformed at high temperature
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good abrasion resistance after molding
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Good resistance to high temperature
  • Good chemical corrosion resistant
  • Good sealing and flame retardant properties.
  • High molding precision and flexible design
  • Thermoformed into any 3D designs easily


Product Name DCA-FPI25 DCA-FPI38 DCA-FPI50 DCA-FPI125
Thickness(um) 25um 38um 50um 125um
Color options AMBER
Width 520mm
Tensile strength (MP) MD≥280   TD≥110 MD≥265   TD≥100 MD≥270    TD≥105 MD≥220    TD≥100
Elongation at break(%) MD≥25     TD≥110 MD≥30    TD≥110 MD≥30    TD≥105 MD≥30    TD≥105
Breakdown Voltage(KV) ≥6KV
Surface Resistance ≥1×10^13Q
Tensile Modulus 3.5GPA
Long-termtemperature (°C ) 260°C
Forming Pressure 1MPA(10KGS)
Forming Temperature 320-340°C


Thermoformed polyimide tape using polyimide film substrate of high temperature plasticity, can be molded in the hot press environment for a variety of special 3D shapes of the insulation components, both retained the excellent insulation properties of polyimide itself and mechanical strength, but also to achieve the insulating parts of the freedom of design and flexibility of the processing; this plasticity of the polyimide tape can be widely used in electric motor windings, electrical appliances, as well as aerospace equipment on the insulation structure of special requirements and space constraints, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process of insulation components, reducing production costs while improving product reliability and service life.


Application industry:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Lithium Battery Industry
  • Electronic Components and Devices
  • Electrical equipments
  • Capacitors and Transformers
  • Insulation for Motors and Transformers
  • Automotive Industry – Sensors or Switches
  • Replacement of metal insulators for lightweighting.


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