Colored Mylar Polyester Film Tape For Heat Insulation And Marking In Batteries

Colored Mylar polyester film Tape, also known as polyester Mylar Tape, PET Mylar Tape, Fire Cow Tape, Silicone Mylar Tape. It adopts polyester film (polyethylene terephthalate) as the base material and is coated with a layer of special acrylic flame retardant adhesive. The product is highly conformable, has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent moisture resistance, and is able to maintain stable performance in different environments. The product is also abrasion resistant, can withstand cutting and abrasion, has the characteristics of flame retardant, insulation, color variety, red, yellow, black, green, blue, white, transparent colors.

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  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • High electric shock strength, can isolate different potentials
  • Stable chemical properties
  • High heat resistance, can withstand temperatures up to 130 degrees
  • Celsius Excellent solvent resistance
  • Safe and reliable insulation effect
  • Good abrasion resistance and weather resistance
  • Anti-aging performance, long service time
  • Rich colors, red, yellow, green, blue and other colors available
  • Can be used for color coding, easy to identify different wires.


Product Name DCA-MLS35 DCA-MLS52 DCA-MLTS80
Substrate Thickness 18um 25um 50um
Total Thickness 35um 52um 80um
Adhesive Type conductive or non conductive acrylic adhesive for option
Backing (Carrier) Material Polyester film(PET)
Color Options Light yellow, deep yellow, blue, red, green, white, black, transparent
Adhesion to Steel(N/25MM) 7-10 7-10 7-10
Elongation at break(%) >80% >80% >80%
Breakdown Voltage(KV) 5 5 5
Anti-Static / / /
High-term temperature(°C) 130 130 130
Flame retardant level UL510 UL510 UL510


Colored Mylar Polyester tape has a wide range of applications and is used in various industries. Its excellent electrical insulation performance and reliability make it an important material in the field of electrical insulation and packaging. It can be used for insulation wrapping, color coding, labeling, and packaging of transformers, motors, capacitors, and other electrical components, electronic devices, and circuit boards.


Applicable Industries:

  • Insulation of electrical circuits
  • Insulation wrapping of wires and cables
  • Insulation filling of motor winding
  • Insulation repair of switching power supply devices
  • Insulation separation of instrumentation equipment
  • Insulation spacer for electrical connectors
  • Packing and insulating barriers between different potentials
  • Color Identification Coding
  • Indicator marking for electrician’s operation


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