Clear Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tape Analogue 3M 468 MP & 3M 467 MP

Our clear adhesive transfer tape provides an equivalent high-strength and seamless bonding alternative to 3M’s 468MP tape for splicing and laminating procedures using metals and HSE plastics. With no carrier backing, this ultra-thin double-sided tissue tape delivers transparent adhesion for decorative films and signs. The pure acrylic adhesive is coated uniformly to ensure excellent wetting out on flat, curved, textured and moderately irregular surfaces. This optically clear mounting adhesive conforms well to various substrates like glass, PET, PC and PMMA used in retail displays and window graphics without bubbles or lifting. Resistant to moisture, solvents and higher temperatures, it provides good open time for positioning yet forms a permanent, long-lasting bond instantly.

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  • Craft paper as Liner with backing without carrier
  • Clear pure acrylic adhesive with high bonding
  • Conforms to flat, curved, textured surfaces
  • Resists chemicals, humidity and UV exposure
  • Provides crystal clear smooth bonds
  • Long-term high bond strengthfor different materials
  • Delivers exceptional peel and shear strength for metals and plastics
  • Easy for die cutting to mounting specialty needs


Product Name DCA-ZYD25 DCA-ZYD50 DCA-ZYD130
Total Thickness 25um 50um 130um
Backing (Carrier) Material NO NO NO
Color Options Transparent Transparent Transparent
Adhesive Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
180° Peel Strength  gf/25mm ≥1800 ≥2500
Short-term temperature

( ℃)

121 171 171
Long-term temperature (℃) 65 121 121


The clarity and instant adhesion of transfer tapes without carrier films make them ideal substitutes to 3M 468MP for invisibly mounting printed graphic films onto storefront windows, glass exhibits, vehicle surfaces and other promotional displays that demand a smooth transparent look allowing visibility as well as protection for the adhered film against peeling.


Applicable Industries:

  • Paper splicing, laminating, and print finishing applications.
  • Bonding and sealing packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, cartons, and envelopes.
  • Mounting Automotive interior trim, and bonding various automotive components.
  • Electronic devices, circuit boards, and components mounting
  • Suitable for mounting signs, posters, banners, and graphics to various surfaces.
  • Can be used in a wide range of industrial applications requiring strong and reliable bonding.

Clear Acrylic adhesive transfer tape Analogue of 3M 468 MPtransfer-tape-application

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