High Temperature Polyimide Label For Printed Circuit Board Labeling

High-temperature Polyimide labels are made of 1mil or 2mil polyimide film as the carrier, coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. The matte white thermal transfer coating ensures easy readability of various barcodes and other variable information. They can withstand short-term high temperatures up to 320°C and long-term temperatures up to 280°C.

These labels exhibit excellent thermal stability, moisture resistance, and good initial tack, making them suitable for various applications such as PCB tracking, barcode tracking, solder masking during wave soldering, surface protection and masking, SMT processing, and protection of lithium batteries or chip packaging.

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  • Excellent thermal transfer coating
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemical stability and moisture resistance
  • Durable and UV-resistant
  • Adhesive does not degrade when exposed to harsh processing conditions
  • Easy to die-cut into any custom shape design


Physical Characteristics Standard Values
Backing (Carrier) Material Polyimide Film
Release Paper Glassine
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Adhesive Thickness 0.03±0.002mm
Bcaking Thickness 0.05±0.004mm
Coating Thickness 0.018±0.003mm
Release Paper Thickness 0.078±0.006mm
Color White
Peel Strength 18±5gm/25mm
Short-term temperature(°C 320°C*10s
Long-term temperature(°C 280°C*10min
Adhesion 0.6kg/25mm


High temperature polyimide label is made of polyimide film substrate and thermal transfer coating, allowing them to be used in high-temperature working environments. The acrylic adhesive used in these labels does not degrade under various harsh processing conditions, ensuring that the labels do not detach from the surface.

Our high-temperature polyimide labels are designed for easy barcode reading and variable information, making them suitable for various industries such as PCB board tracking, wave soldering reflow, WIFI modules, and lithium batteries.


Application industry:

  • Automotive interior component labels
  • PCB board tracking
  • Wave soldering reflow masking
  • Brand & instruction labels Warning labels
  • Lithium battery labels
  • Wifi module labels
  • Other barcode tracking


circuit-board-label with printed barcode for high temperature environment

kapton polyimide label for circuit board

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