Perforated Trim Masking Tape Equivalent 3M06349 For Auto Trim / Window Moldings

DCA Tape provides the Perforated Trim Masking Tape (Equivalent 3M06349) is a construction with a rigid edge band, a flexible PVC film backing and a white paper release liner. This edge-rigid tape gently slides behind moldings to lift them slightly from the body. It can be customized in various sizes and widths to fit a variety of substrates. The location of the tape perforations can also be customized to facilitate painting operations.

  • Insert the rigid side of the tape into the seam of the decal.
  • Remove the release paper and apply the flexible PVC to the uneven surface.

For professional finish painting without removing or replacing trim lines or reworking paint lines. Perforations allow you to remove the tape by hand, saving time.

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  • High-grade, flexible PVC material for durability and conformability
  • Perforated for ease of tearing to desired lengths without tools
  • Hard band edge for inserting trim fine cracks
  • Resistant to high temperatures, ideal for paint baking processes
  • Without removing or replacing trim lines or reworking paint lines.
  • Saving Painting time, no need to remove or clean auto body moldings
  • Strong adhesive quality maintains placement through various conditions
  • Ensures sharp paint lines with minimal paint bleed for a professional finish
  • Easy to custom hard band widths and perforations length.


Trim Masking Tape Analogue to 3M06349
Model No. DCATM008
Backing Carrier PVC film
Adhesive Type Hot Melt Adhesive
Total Thickness mm 0.12 GB/T7125-1999
Length m 10m  —
Width mm 50.8  —
Color Blue estimate visually
Elongation % 130 GB/T7753-1987
Temperature Resistance 160  —
The above data is measured data for reference only ! Users must try and pass the test before application before mass use.


Our Perforated Trim Masking Tape stands as the go-to choice for automotive professionals seeking exactitude and efficiency in paint jobs, where it serves a critical function in creating sharp lines and protecting window trims. The easy-to-tear perforation allows custom lengths to be applied seamlessly over vehicle contours, accommodating complex patterns and designs with ease. Especially preferred during the high-heat conditions of paint baking, this tape adheres reliably, thwarting paint bleed and leaving a pristine finish.


Here are some general industries where it can be used:

  • Automotive industry for precise edge masking during painting
  • Suitable for creating clean lines in two-tone or multi-colored paint jobs
  • Window and trim protection in automotive spray painting operations
  • Employed in detailing and aftermarket customization
  • Ideal for use in high-temperature environments where precision is key


Trim masking tape processing

Trim masking tape for high temp painting appliaction


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