Colorful Plastic Bag Neck Sealer Tape For Daily Seal Packing

Our durable bag neck sealer tape offers supermarkets reliable, high-speed sealing of produce bags, baked goods pouches and shopping bags through high quality thin eco-friendly film material. Constructed on a flexible thin PVC film as backing carrier coating with different adhesion of natural rubber adhesive used for different daily applications. High adhesion performance used for plastic bag neck sealing, which to confirm bag packing and protect items inside and low adhesion for bundling vegetable directly to protect and keep them fresh when transportation.

For best-in-class hot tack binding of any bag or pouch material that keeps contents secure, trust our environmental PVC neck sealer tape.

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  • Flexible PVC film as carrier with Natural Rubber adhesive
  • High adhesion for plastic Bag neck sealing
  • Low adhesion for bundling vegetable
  • Printable with your own logo and slogan
  • Total 4 colors for marking: Red, blue, green, yellow
  • Standard width 9 / 12 / 19 / 24mm with 66m length
  • Anti-aging, moisture resistance, temperature resistance,
  • Water-proof and insulating performance
  • Strong tensile strength, environmental protection and no odor.
  • Wide range of applications: bundling, fixing, color coding, sealing packaging, wire insulation, etc.


Product # DCA-PVC020
Thickness(mm)  0.057 mm
Adhesive Natural Rubber
Backing Flexible PVC film
Color Blue / Red / Green / Yellow
Short-term temperature 100℃
Long-term temperature 80℃
Elongation at Break(%) 10%
Specification: 9 / 12 /19 /24mm x length 66m



Due to its outstanding flexibility and durability, we usually use the eco-friendly PVC sealer tape adapted for poly bag sealers for daily simple seal packing, commonly used for supermarket food and fruit packaging sealing, vegetable bundling packaging for transportation, plastic bag sealing packaging for industrial components and so on. Different slitted tape widths can be used for different bundling and packaging needs, especially the customized PVC vegetable bundling tape with low viscosity, which ensures safe bundling for transportation and avoids damaging the surface of vegetables to ensure their freshness.



  • Sealing of bags for Food Packaging in Supermarkets
  • Used for vegetable bundling for transportation
  • Plastic bag neck sealer tape used for Retail Packaging to carry purchased items
  • Sealed tape to pack of Industrial components, parts, to protect them from environmental factors
  • Used for different sizes and functions of Sealer machine


bag neck sealer for pack sealing process

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