Custom Die Cut Gasket EVA Foam Tape for Precision Cushioning and Shock Absorption

The EVA foam tape is constructed of environmentally friendly closed cell EVA foam in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 15mm. It is coated on one or both sides with acrylic solvent or hot melt adhesive and combined with release paper. We can laminate it with 3M 9448A or 3M 9495LE double-sided tape as per customer requirements. The high density EVA foam tape offers excellent sealing and shock absorbing properties, along with features such as weather resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and sound absorption. It is commonly used in applications such as door and window insulation, gap filling, furniture protection, appliance cushioning, and more. It is also used in the assembly of electronic components or automotive interior and exterior trim.

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  • Excellent sealing, bonding, and shock absorption
  • Thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 15mm
  • High-density closed-cell structure
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Crack-resistant with good air-tightness
  • Sound absorption and noise reduction
  • Environmentally friendly and fire-resistant
  • Flexible for various combinations
  • Easy to die-cut into different shapes


EVA Foam tape Thickness Shore Density Tensile
Elongation atbreak% Compression
deformation rate
Test Method Test Condition
Harness 0.5-15mm 25° 77.6kg/m3 1.0 Mpa 130% 35% GB/T 106532001 23±2,50%
38° 75.2kg/m3 1.56 Mpa 120% 32%
45° 115.3kg/m3 1.66 Mpa 120% 26%
60° 164.6kg/m3 2.13 Mpa 130% 16%
70° 207kg/m3 3.08 Mpa 160% 11%
80° 272.6kg/m3 3.4 Mpa 170% 11%


Fire retardant EVA foam tape, available in various thicknesses and known for its shock absorbing and sealing properties, is used for joining, sealing, stacking and bonding in various industries such as door and window insulation, construction gap filling, appliance cushioning, electronic component assembly, automotive interior/exterior trim, solar panel sealing and more.


Industries for Application:

  • Automotive interior and exterior assemblies
  • Furniture decorations
  • Sealing electronic components and devices, as well as filling
  • Bonding automotive rearview mirrors and medical instrument parts
  • Fixing the frames of LCDs and FPCs
  • Attaching metal and plastic emblems
  • Other specialized product bonding solutions

For more specialty needs, contact us to get die cut Adhesive tapes tailored and tape solutions for your industries.


EVA foam tape applications


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