High Adhesive PVC Electrical Insulation Tape For Protection

The high adhesive PVC electrical insulation tape is a specialized tape product used for electrical insulation. It is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, offering excellent tackiness and bonding strength. This tape provides outstanding electrical insulation performance, effectively isolating and protecting wires, cables, and electrical components, preventing current leakage and short circuits. Its strong adhesive properties ensure that the tape adheres firmly to surfaces, even in harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, humidity, or vibration, maintaining a stable bond. The product can withstand voltages up to 600V, is resistant to fading, has a wide temperature range, and offers UV resistance and corrosion resistance. It is available in various colors, including black, red, white, blue, green, orange, brown, yellow, purple, gray, and yellow-green dual color.

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  • High adhesive strength
  • Excellent electrical insulation performance
  • Resistant to high temperature, humidity, and vibration
  • Durable and resistant to tearing
  • Corrosion resistance & Flame Retardant
  • Wide range of colors to identify different circuits, wires, or components.
  • Convenient to use


Product Name DCA-PVC130 DCA-PVC150 DCA-PVC180
Total Thickness 130um 150um 180um
Adhesive Type Rubber
Backing (Carrier) Material PVC Film
Color Options Multi-color
Adhesion to Steel(N/25MM) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Elongation at break(%) 200 200 200
Voltage resistance(KV) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Short-term temperature(°C) 100 100 100
Long-term temperature(°C) 80 80 80


High adhesive strength PVC electrical insulation tape is widely used in electrical engineering, electronic device manufacturing, wire and cable industries, as well as in homes and offices, providing a reliable solution for electrical safety and insulation protection. This product is applied to various electronic products, wires, network cables, household appliances, and construction sites for bundling, wrapping, insulating, and securing wire, cable, and connectors. It is primarily used for insulation protection and fixation. It is also used in electronic device manufacturing for insulating circuit boards and protecting connection points. In homes and offices, it is used for insulating household appliances, wires, and sockets. In construction and building projects, it is used for electrical installations and insulation wrapping. It is also used for phase identification and color coding of motor wires and pipe systems, as well as for marking safety zones.


Application industry:

  • Electrical engineering and power industry
  • Electronics manufacturing and communication industry
  • Construction and building industry
  • Home and office equipment industry
  • Automotive and transportation manufacturing industry
  • Chemical and industrial equipment industry


PVC electrical insulation tape applications

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