Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Packing Tape For Transportation Box Sealing

Our biodegradable packing tape is the first choice for environmental protection package, which is main features with recyclable, renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

It adopts recycled cellulose film as the base material and backside release treatment combined with environmental water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. During 180 days of biodegradation, it comes into carbon dioxide and water, that is environmental and non-polluting. With excellent stretching, breathability and high bonding functions, it is generally used as packaging tape to protect parcel when transportation. It is also high temperature resistant tape, reach up to 220°C, anti-static and has a long service life, and can also be used for different industries.

Available in a variety of widths, our biodegradable sealing tapes tear easily and unwind quietly. Contact me via to get free sample for testing

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  • Biodegradable adhesive backing made of natural materials.
  • Provides reliable and consistent sealing and adhesion.
  • Comparable tensile strength to standard plastic tapes.
  • Works effectively within temperature range of packaging facilities.
  • Resistant to moisture and humidity during storage and transit.
  • Breaks down safely within months in landfills and composts.
  • Leaves no toxic or environmentally harmful residue.
  • Tears easily and conforms well over box edges and surfaces.


Adhesive tape Name Biodegradable cellophane Packing tape
Application General packaging, sealing and splicing applications, Antistatic, Suitable for home, offices, and industrial uses.
Degradation rate 92.3%   (180 days in soil)
Back carrier material Cellophane film
Core Size (Imperial) 3 in or 1 in
Color Transparent or colorful printed
Temperature Range (-20℃~220℃) MIN~ MAX
Film Thickness 29μm /35μm
Jumbo Roll size 29μm :  84cm*5000m,     54cm*5000m
  35μm :  84cm*3000m,     54cm*3000m
Total Thickness without Liner 50μm ±2 for Stationery and carton sealing use. (21μm is glue thickness)
  58μm ±2 for Super Heavy duty boxes sealing(23μm is glue thickness
Regular Tape width 12mm,18mm,24mm for Stationary tape,
  44mm,49mm,60mm,72mm for carton sealing tape.
Initial viscosity ≥14
180 Peeling Strength ≥ 8N/25mm
Holding viscosity ≥24h
Elongation at break 15%
Tensile strength (N/25mm) ≥ 75N/25mm


Biodegradable packing tapes made of natural materials like cellulose, cornstarch or jute, are primarily used for reliably sealing and closing corrugated cardboard boxes, fiberboard cartons, paper envelopes and other secondary or transit packaging elements, providing consistent adhesion and box security throughout shipment and storage; after usage, these eco-friendly tapes will decompose naturally within composts, landfills or waste facilities without leaving behind harmful residues within several months, making them ideal for environmentally conscious packaging operations aiming to replace standard plastic tapes to meet sustainability goals and reduce waste footprint.



  • Sealing and closing corrugated boxes, cartons and fiberboard.
  • Secondary packaging handling operations.
  • Taping cardboard boxes for storage and shipment.
  • Fulfilling sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly goals.
  • Compostable packaging in food and consumer goods sectors.
  • Replacing non-biodegradable tapes in packaging facilities.

transportation sealing tape biodegradable


Biodegradable tape for box sealing safety transportation

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