Colour DIY Paper Masking Tape for Crafting and Homemade Decorating

Our DIY crepe paper masking tapes are the perfect tool for arts, crafts and home decorating projects. The flexible washi crepe paper backing comes in bright colors like red, blue, green and yellow etc., total 12 different colors available for choosing.

It tears easily by hand without curling. The natural rubber adhesive provides a gentle tack for temporary holding of paper pieces, photos and lightweight materials. Ideal uses include gift wrapping, scrap-booking, framing artwork, masking for painting, stained glass, creating colored ribbons, paper flowers and other paper crafts. With Acid-free and pH-neutral, this colorful masking tape allows for creative expression without residue or damage.

For all your arts, crafts, home decor and DIY needs, discover our versatile colour crepe paper masking tapes.

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  • Colored Crepe paper backing available, total 12 different colors
  • Customized with different width and length for your DIY projects
  • Temperature range: 60-100℃ for Homemade DIY crafts
  • Tears easily by hand withoutleaving residue.
  • Flexible and conforms well to shapes.
  • Good adhesion strength without being too sticky.
  • Acid-free and lignin-free archival-safe.
  • Easy to write and fine linepaint masking over surface.
  • Customized with your own packaging and logo in our factory


DCA Colorful Crepe Paper Masking Tape
Model No. DCA-CCP140
Carrier Material Crepe Paper
Adhesion: Rubber
Total Thickness(micron) 140um+10%um GB/T7125
Elongation at break >8% GB/T22898
Color Green,Blue,Red,Pink,Yellow,Purple,Black,Orange,Light Blue,White,Brown
Size Any width & length can be customized
180° Steel Peel off 7.5-8.5 GB/T2792
Tensile strength >75N/25mm GB/T22898
Inital Tack ≥12 GB/T4852
Release force N/25m (heavy
4.5±0.6 Standard belt force (9-10)N Initial adhesion(20-26)#
Working Temperature 60℃-100℃,Heat Resistance: 80℃ / 30min
1. The above data is for reference only!
2. Testing Condition: 23℃±2℃
3. Humidity: 65% ±5%.


Colored crepe paper tapes, tearing off easily by hand and offering good adhesion without being overly sticky, are ideal for various arts, crafts and DIY applications from gift wrapping presents and decorative boxes with beautiful patterns, to constructing paper flowers, bows, ribbons, pinatas and other ornate decorative elements for parties and events; they are also useful for adhering photographs, cards and paper sheets in scrapbooks, constructing papier-mache shapes, as well as applying colored strips to handmade journals and albums; furthermore, the tapes can be written or painted over allowing creative designs, and provide a safe, residue-free option for children’s art projects.



  • Fine Arts Paintingand Handmade DIY projects
  • Decorating and gift wrapping boxes and presents.
  • Arts, crafts and scrap-booking projects.
  • Affixing paper sheets and photographs.
  • Homemade decoration and painting fine line masking
  • Coloring books and handmade cards.
  • Costumes, props, pinatas for parties.

homemade washi tape by DCA

Colored DIY crepe paper masking tape for homemade decoration

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