Electrical Insulation Paper ITW Formex GK for Transformer and Motor Winding

ITW Formex GK series has high performance electrical insulation properties, can be widely used in motors, generators, transformers and other electrical equipment winding insulation; this series of products with high tensile strength, high insulation resistance, high resistance to electrical breakdown, as well as resistance to bending and cracking and other excellent mechanical properties, can provide reliable insulation protection in overload operation and short-circuit conditions; At the same time, Formex GK series has a strong resistance to moisture, can also maintain stable insulation properties in humid environments; the series from fine to thick a variety of specifications to define the mechanical and electrical properties according to demand. Strong resistance to moisture, and can maintain stable insulation characteristics even in humid environments

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ITW Formex GK series: Formex gk 17; formex gk 10; formex gk 30; formex gk 40; formex gk 5 etc.

  • Excellent electrical insulation performance
  • High-temperature resistance and flame retardancy
  • Various thicknesses are available to meet different insulation needs.
  • Environmentally friendly, halogen-free, safe and reliable
  • Die cutting different shapes for Transformer, Motor, battery
  • Good insulation protector of electronic components


Product Name Fomex GK Series
product composition UL 94V-O fire certificated polypropylene (PP) and FORMEX patented formula extruded sheet material
Chemical Resistance
water absorption ≤0.06%
Long-term temperature(°C) 115°C
Breakdown Voltage(KV) 24.8KV


Applicable Industries:

  • Insulating Electronic Components: Formex GK Series products are commonly used to insulate and protect electronic components such as circuit boards, electronic modules, and transformers.
  • Electrical Equipment Packaging: These materials can be utilized for packaging electrical equipment, providing protective enclosures to prevent dust, moisture, and other contaminants from entering.
  • Cable Insulation: Formex GK Series products are suitable for insulating and protecting cables, ensuring that cables do not experience short circuits or leakage during operation.
  • Electrical Isolation: In electronic and electrical equipment, these materials can be used for isolating different circuits or electrical components, ensuring safety and stability between circuits.
  • High-Temperature Environments: Formex GK Series products possess high-temperature resistance, allowing them to maintain stable insulating properties even in high-temperature environments.

Fomex GK series Application

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