Non-Residual Glue Green Polyester Tape For Electroplating Baking Paint

The PET green polyester tape consists of a polyester film backing. Coated with high performance silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The PET polyester tape exhibits high temperature resistance and is suitable for electronic assembly shielding and powder coating masking, as well as powder coating/plating shielding. Its insulation and chemical resistance make it applicable in the 3D printing industry. It is also used for lamination with other materials such as foam tape and double-sided tape.

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  • High-performance organic silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Superior electrical insulation
  • Easy removal without any residue
  • Chemical solvent resistance and corrosion protection
  • Customizable shape design through die-cutting


Substrate Thickness 35um 50um 75um 35um
Total Thickness 60um 80um 100um 65um
Adhesive Type Silicone
Backing (Carrier) Material Polyester film
Color Options Green/Transparent/Blue
Adhesion to Steel(N/25MM) 6±2 6±2 8±2 6±2
Elongation at break(%) 30%-60% 30%-60% 40%-80% 30%-60%
Breakdown Voltage(KV) 4 4 8 4
Anti-Static / / / 10^6~10^9
High-term temperature(°C) 220 220 220 220
Low-term temperature(°C) -70 -70 -70 -70


PET green polyester tape is specially designed for heat-resistant application, such as in electronics, automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing processes. With the high-quality polyester construction provides excellent durability and strength, allowing it to maintain its integrity under challenging conditions. Also with die cutting capability, DCA Tape offers customzied die cut polyester tapes for specialty needs.


Application industry:

  • PCB board manufacturing — gold finger protection
  • Printed circuit board lamination with film
  • Capacitors and transformers – as winding and insulation
  • Powder coating/plating – high-temperature masking
  • Insulation for lithium batteries
  • 3D printing


pet tape for electrical industry

green polyester masking tape for electronic


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