ESD Protective Polyurethane Film Shields Surfaces from Wear and Tear

The Polyurethane Protective Film is an ultra-thin, flexible polyurethane film that adheres to surfaces through static cling, providing a protective barrier against damage.

The static-charged polyurethane film adheres smoothly without adhesives or residue. It distributes impact and resists abrasion, scratches, UV damage and yellowing. Available in sheets or rolls up to 1.2m wide, this static cling film shield goes on quick and protects virtually any smooth surface.

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  • Excellent Wear Resistanceand High Chemical Stability
  • Great Flexibilityand high Light Transmission
  • Durable Protect smooth or uneven surfaces
  • UV Resistant
  • ESD adsorption and easy to tear off
  • Could be slitting and rewinding with different sizes
  • Easy to cut into different shapes for protection surface


Product Name DCA-PU50 DCA-PU60 DCA-PU65 DCA-PU85
TotalThickness(mm) 0.05 0.06 0.065 0.085
Backing Thickness
0.036 0.05 0.05 0.075
Realease Liner thickness
0.025 0.05 0.05 0.036
Peel force
1-3g 1-3g 4-6g 4-6g
Temperature Resistance 80°C*72H 80°C*72H 120°C*2H 80°C*72H
Film Surface Resistance / 10^9-11 10^9-11 10^9-11
PU adhesive Surface Resistance / 10^8-10 10^8-10 /


Protective Polyurethane film is widely used in the tape industry and is suitable for various items that require protection. Its outstanding wear resistance, chemical resistance, and flexibility make it a high-performance protective material. It features high light transmission, stable anti-static properties, and excellent exhaust performance, preventing phenomena like ghosting and fogging during production and use. PU protective film plays a crucial role in many industries by providing protection, extending the product’s lifespan, and safeguarding its appearance and performance, making it a highly practical protective material.


Applicable Industries:

  • Protecting electronic device displays and touchscreens (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) from scratches and abrasion damage.
  • Shielding screens and monitors for consumer electronics like TVs, gaming consoles, appliances.
  • Safeguarding optical lenses on cameras, scopes, spectacles from scratches.
  • Protecting polished wood surfaces like pianos, guitars, furniture from scuffs and mars.
  • Securing control panels, instrument clusters on vehicles, boats, planes from wear.
  • Preserving glossy finishes on cars, RVs, boats against swirl marks and weathering.
  • Shielding decorative surfaces like glass, tile, marble tables from daily use scratches.
  • Safeguarding painted murals, arts, graphics, signs from accidental scratches.
  • Protecting household surfaces like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops.
  • Securing equipment control panels, machine surfaces in industrial settings.
  • Providing transparent barriers for exhibits, displays, museum artifacts.


PU protective film Applications

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