Custom Slitting Green Polyester Powder Coating Masking Tape

The high performance powder coating masking tape provides exceptional temperature and chemical resistance for powder coated metal finishing across automotive, appliance and industrial applications.

It is made of green polyester film backing, this thin tape withstands up to230℃ for long term to mask the metal finish in high temperature Spraying Oven. The high tack silicone adhesive is easy to tear off and removes cleanly without baking into the finish, protecting metal finish and keeping precious coating line. In multiple widths and extended lengths, this thin durable masking tape conforms smoothly over extruded aluminum frames, cold rolled steel chassis, cast metal components and weldments being prepped for durable, corrosion-resistant powder coated finishes with high edge acuity.

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  • Withstands high temperatures up to 230℃
  • Made of thin PET film and high performance silicone adhesive
  • Chemically resistant to prevent finish contamination
  • Clean removal without baked-on residue
  • Easy tear and repositionability
  • Conforms smoothly over edges and profiles
  • Thin Polyester film for handling durability
  • Prevents base coat bleed under electrostatic spray
  • Allows high edge acuity in finished goods
  • Custom die cutting different shapes of masking dots


Substrate Thickness 35um 50um 75um 35um
Total Thickness 60um 80um 100um 65um
Adhesive Type Silicone
Backing (Carrier) Material Polyester film
Color Options Green/Transparent/Blue
Size Slitting width range: 15-1250mm, Length: 66m
Adhesion to Steel(N/25MM) 6±2 6±2 8±2 6±2
Elongation at break(%) 30%-60% 30%-60% 40%-80% 30%-60%
Breakdown Voltage(KV) 4 4 8 4
Anti-Static / / / 10^6~10^9
High-term temperature(°C) 220 220 220 220
Long time Heat Resistant(°C) 180 180 180 180
Low-term temperature(°C) -70 -70 -70 -70


The green polyester masking tape serves an important role in powder coating operations seeking bold aesthetics across large metal parts and assemblies. Its heat resistance permits auto manufacturers to produce crisp color separations between matte and gloss finishes on steel truck bodies. Also it is suitable for electrical and electronic industry for masking, insulation and bundling.


Application industry:

  • Masking metal parts during powder coat painting
  • Protecting extruded aluminum frames and panels
  • Covering precision areas on steel components
  • Creating sharp boundaries on mass transit interiors
  • Shielding large appliance bodies for color contrasts
  • Keeping freight racking edges pristine during coating
  • Automotive, construction and agricultural finishes

high temperature masking tape for powder coating and electrical

powder coating masking tape applications


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