DOT High Visibility Red and White Reflective Tape For Trailers and Vehicles

Maximize visibility and ensure safety with our premium Red and White Reflective Tape, a must-have for any high-visibility requirement. Engineered with advanced micro-prismatic technology and a high-grade polymer layer (PMMA reflective film), this tape offers exceptional brightness and durability. Its striking red and white pattern is designed to stand out in both daylight and darkness, meeting rigorous DOT-C2 certification standards. The tape’s flexible design allows for easy application on a variety of curved and flat surfaces, from vehicles and trailers to safety barriers and equipment.

Weather-resistant and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, our Red and White Reflective Tape is an ideal choice for traffic safety, automotive marking, and industrial caution zones.

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  • Red and White Evenly distributed reflective effects
  • High Visibility to ensures optimal night and low-light reflection.
  • High performance and consistent reflective performance.
  • Durability and long-lasting outdoor for 7-10 years
  • Stands up to UV, weather, and temperature extremes.
  • Conforms to both flat and curved surfaces seamlessly.
  • Strong Adhesion: Industrial-strength stickiness for lasting hold.
  • Meet DOT-C2 certificate of safety and reflectivity standards.
  • Quick peel-and-stick installation, leaves no residue upon removal.
  • Tear Resistant and withstands everyday knocks and bumps.
  • Easy to die cut to suitable shapes for trailers and vehicles


Model No.
Test Basis
Carrier Material
PMMA Micro-Prismatic Reflective Film
GB/T 18833-2012
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Total Thickness(mm)
0.38 / 0.42mm / customized
Red and White
Standard Length 45.7m with different slitting width
Retroreflectivity (RA)
Observation Angle : positive 0.2 degrees
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / WHITE
412-517 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
Entrance Angle : negative 4 degrees / RED
114-162 (Type Ⅲ / Ⅳ)
1. Ambient Condition: (23士2)℃/(50士10)%RH


Red and white reflective tape is a versatile safety essential, widely known for its high visibility and durable construction. It’s notably used for outlining the contours of emergency vehicles and trailers, ensuring they are seen at great distances and in poor light conditions. The tape’s strong adhesive qualities and resistance to weather make it perfect for marking boats and docks to prevent accidents.

In the industrial sector, it’s used to demarcate hazardous areas, guiding workers and visitors alike towards safe paths. Thanks to its flexible design, the tape conforms to different shapes and surfaces, making it ideal for use on safety helmets and outdoor equipment, where it significantly reduces the risk of accidents in both urban and wilderness settings. Reflective tape’s capability to withstand extreme temperatures ensures its functionality in diverse environments, reliably maintaining its reflective properties to safeguard property and lives.


Here are some general industries where it can be used:

  • Traffic Safety to Boosts visibility for vehicles and roadside objects.
  • Mandatory for trucks/trailers for compliance when transportation
  • Enhances boat and marine equipment visibility.
  • Reflective Marks hazards and walkways in industrial areas.
  • Ups safety for bikes, gear, and outdoor wearables.

Reflective Tape for cars

PMMA DOT C2 Reflective Tape applications


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