Bulk Blue Painters Masking Tape Analogue Of 3M Scotch 2090 Tape

The premium blue painters masking tape provides clean, sharp paint lines with no bleed through as the preferred masking solution for auto body, industrial equipment, architectural finishes and other spray paint applications. Built on a soft crepe paper backing, that allows up to 14 day UV resistance without leaving adhesive residue upon removal. The heat and solvent resistant rubber adhesive provides excellent quick stick to metal, plastic, glass and other common substrates while maintaining a high bond. This hand tearable tape in multiple slitting widths conforms well over curved, irregular surfaces for automotive customization, industrial machinery protection, consumer appliance refinishing or delicate artisan paint works requiring precision results.

DCA Tape’s blue painters tape is totally analogue of 3M scotch 2090 blue tape for the best sharp paint lines.

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  • Medium adhesion level prevents paint bleeding yet allows clean removal
  • Heat and solvent resistant rubberadhesive
  • Soft crepe paper backing conforms to curved surfaces
  • 14 day UV resistance outdoors
  • Leaves no adhesive residue on most common substrates
  • Repositionable bond for precision alignments
  • Sharp paint lines with no bleed through
  • Hand tearable in multiple widths
  • Customized slitting widths for different applications


Product # DCA-CP160
Thickness(mm)  0.145±0.005 mm
Adhesive Rubber
Backing Crepe Paper
Color Blue
Short-term temperature 130℃
Long-term temperature 80℃
Tensile strength(N/mm) 110
Elongation at Break(%) 10%
Specification: 1250mm*1500m


Analogue 3M scotch blue 2090 tape with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive for painting masking













Industry Applications:

  • Masking automotive bodies, custom paint jobs
  • Protecting industrial machinery during finishing
  • Architectural glass and metal refinishing
  • Fine artisan paint works requiring precision
  • Spray painting Home interiorappliances and furniture
  • Daily DIY painting masking
  • Apply for 3D printing masking


Blue painters masking tape for home interior paintingBlue Masking-tape for 3D printing application





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