Heat Resistant Baking Paint PVC Masking Tape Analogue to 3M 4737, TESA 4174/ 4244

Experience unmatched precision with our High-Performance PVC Masking Tape – the ideal alternative to 3M 4737, TESA 4174, and TESA 4244.

Engineered with flexible soft PVC as carrier, that ensures a conformable fit to any contour, enabling sharp and clean paint lines for auto body work. Coated with high performance rubber adhesive provides a secure bond that resists heat up to 150°C , solvents, and moisture, making it a reliable choice for high-temperature baking paint applications in the automotive industry.

Slitting widths range from 1mm to 1250mm for superior conformability, with fine line masking tape, it ensures sharp paint lines and no residue upon removal, that is an ideal for complex curves and detailed paint masking manufacturing jobs.

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  • High-temperature resistance, suitable for baking processes up to 150°
  • Flexible PVC carrier material conforms to curves and shapes for precise application.
  • Rubber adhesive ensures durability and secure placement.
  • Clean removal with no adhesive residue, protecting the vehicle’s surface.
  • Available in thicknesses of 0.12mm /0.13mm for choosing.
  • Sturdy PVC backing prevents paint bleed-through for sharp paint lines.
  • Slitting to Fine line masking tape for versatile applications.
  • UV light and solvent exposure resilience maintain integrity during use.


PVC Masking Tape Analogue to 3M4737 / TESA4174/4244
Model No. DCAPVCB023
Total Thickness mm 0.12/0.13 GB/T7125-1999
Length m 33/50  —
Color blue / yellow estimate visually
Peel Strength To Steel N/25mm 10 GB/T2792-1998
Tensile Strength N/25mm 70 GB/T7753-1987
Elongation % 150 GB/T7753-1987
Temperature Resistance 150  —
The above data is measured data for reference only ! Users must try and pass the test before application before mass use.


Our high-temperature resistant PVC masking tape provides an exceptional alternative to 3M 4737, TESA 4174, and TESA 4244, designed to meet the rigorous demands of the automotive industry for precise paintwork; its specialized silicone adhesive ensures it holds strong during the baking process, and peels away cleanly, leaving no residue, making it perfect for creating sharp, detailed lines and preventing paint bleed on any vehicle curved surface.


Here are some general industries where it can be used:

  • Ideal for automotive painting requiring heat-resistant properties.
  • Utilized in two-tone color jobs and complex paint designs.
  • Effective for edge protection and line demarcation in auto body work.
  • Suitable for detailing work that requires a high level of precision.
  • Used in masking off areas to protect against paint overspray.
  • Employed in sectors where long-lasting adhesion is critical under high temperatures.

Heat resistant PVC masking tape for baking paint

Blue PVC masking tape analogue to tesa 41714244


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